Merry had a little lamb curry

You are bound to bump into Indian food in UK, and a pretty good one as well. So with my adventurous hat on (replacing my normal tin foil cap when cooking), I went straight to a green lamb curry. Grin on my face, green novice indian hands on my side, green spices all over the place, here we go before mentioning the color of grass…

To make it bold, I’ve decided to make a full meal:

Base is lots of onions, garlic and ginger paste, which initially looks white as should be I guess. But warn them color blinds – things will change soon:
Onion Mix
Like when doing Onion Soup, they require a bit more time to color than normally the recipes state, before they are golden brown. Fitting to a green curry, my onions decided to take the right approach even before spices were added. Pretty remarkably, I’ve got myself this:
Green Onions
The bizarre color became reasonable once adding the spice mix. I actually used all the spics in the recipe as well as some additional ones (a bit of Turmeric, and some curry leaves). I also used sour cream instead of Yogurt, just because we had plenty of it after my parents visit ended, and they virtually stocked us with it.
As for the Naan bread, I did put it in the oven slightly more time than indicated, but this usually varies according to ones oven, and timing is very particular. I also mixed up some oil, garlic, coarse salt, and Oregano and rubbed it on one side.
The final curry was very pleasing for a first attempt, too mild for me (had to accommodate my partner total disrespect for real original Indian cookery) but still my local Indian restaurant is far better. More practice is called for, now with a much happier trigger on the chili.
Lamb Curry - Done
Bon apetite

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