Theme-less Mobile World Congress 2011?

Mobile World Congress (MWC) or as it was previously known 3GSM used to be  all about devices. But as mobile telecommunications have become a main pipe for  innovation, many related technologies are presented to the world.

Last year in MWC 2010, LTE seemed to be the main theme. What was the theme of this week MWC 2011?

Well it’s not quite easy to figure it out:

Fridy Droid MWC 2011

  • Android O/S – Undoubtfully  the most buzzing area of the show, becoming the dominant O/S in spite of Nokia and Microsoft huge announcement on Windows Phone 7; but it was after all, a small part of the overall event, although probably the most likely candidate theme to remain lasting for MWC 2011
  • Tablets – RIM Playbook, HTC Flyer, HP TouchPad, Samsung Galaxy 10.1, Intel MeeGo, LG Optimus as well as Motorola Xoom and others previously announced tablets in CES on January 2011; a big iPad “follow-me” movement that started back in 2010 that mainly signify the solidification of the trend
  • Apps – GSMA WAC, as well as vendors announcing their own WAC based application store like Smart in the Philippines by Huawei; but we got used to apps by now and it is not really new
  • Processors – Snapdragon or OMAP 5? Qualcomm and Ti surely care; but who else does?
  • Specialty Phones
    • 3D – Following the television 3D trend of yester-year, LG has shown a 3D mobile phone (Optimus Black): glasses-less, ability to record in 3D, and even a deal with YouTube to upload 3D videos; it is still early bird, and it has to be proven that this content is really desired and commercially viable to end users, it seems more of a differentiation feature at this stage
    • Playstation Phone Sony Xperia looks like a cool PSP phone; probably will be adapted by some of the gamers but still a niche
    • NFC – In Samsung’s Galaxy S II, to be followed with others; but is it really the year NFC will start to be truly global and not mainly a Japanese / APAC phenomenon?
  • 4G – LTE is of course still a major trend, and it starts to get early deployments; probably a long lasting trend that will progress in 2011 and forward

My pick (literally, thousands of sticker pins were attached to dignify suite wearers) has to be Android, if only to the lack of participation of Apple even when they won the 2010 Phone awards with iPhone4 but decided not to show up to pick it (BTW, sincere health regards to Steve Jobs).



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2 responses to “Theme-less Mobile World Congress 2011?

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  2. Guy Paradis

    Hey Fridy,
    Unfortunately I have not seen you at MWC, but I would summarize the change in a different way – the industry today is more focused on User Experience rather than technology. And this is the big change that Apple brought.
    Android (no Google logo displayed in the whole area!!) is presenting a new UI concept, especially with Honeycomb, and MSFT tries to fight back.
    Tablets are definitely a new concept of user experience and everybody tries to implement the best UI as a differentiator (e.g. HTC Flyer).
    On the other hand was a new technology trend – the “cloud”. Everyone that wanted to show he is up-to-date presented some “cloud computing”, even if is was just basic web-service.
    Hope all is good,

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